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Beekeeper Gnome Double Sided Spring Flag

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Product Details:

This Spring flag features a whimsical garden scene, a gnome adorned as a bee, sporting a black robe and a charming red and yellow striped hat, stands proudly. Clutched in their hands is a large sunflower, a symbol of the nectar-rich world they tend to. A halo of honey bees buzzes playfully around the gnome's head, forming a lively chorus of nature's harmony. The beekeeper gnome, in their nurturing role, extends a honey dipper to entice the diligent bees to assist in filling a jar labeled "Honey." This delightful scene captures the symbiotic relationship between the gnome and their buzzing companions, as together, they craft the golden sweetness of nature.. Designed by MAKIKO, this Summer decorative outdoor flag is the perfect addition to your house, garden, porch, yard, or patio!

  • FLAG SIZES: Two sizes to choose from, Garden Flags measure 12 by 18 inches (12x18) and House Flags are 28 by 40 inches (28x40).

  • PRODUCED IN USA: Flags are printed in the USA using premium colorfast permanent dye to create colorful designs from creative, original artwork
  • DURABLE FLAG: Our durable indoor,outdoor art flags are made of machine washable 100% polyester and are UV and fade resistant
  • DOUBLE SIDED: All of our flags are printed on both sides of the fabric to ensure bright, vibrant color. This flag is printed on our original fabric which provides the best color, see below for more details

Printed on our "Original" fabric, which provides the best color and waving movement in the breeze. Any text will read correctly on the front of the flag and backward on the back of the flag. The image is printed on both sides of the flag. This fabric retains vibrant color for up to 12 months of continued sun exposure. This is our most popular fabric choice.

More descriptions that are applicable to this flag are; Gnome, Sunflower, Fall, Bee, Honey