Garden Harvest Photo Essay

Even though my great grandfather was the original Master Gardener, I’ve only been keeping a serious garden for about 2 years now. (yes I grew up planting some peas, beans and tomatoes, but nothing compared to the 1/4 acre I’m trying keep up with now!).  And this summer really kicked my butt, the garden wasn’t necessarily a bust, but I’ve definitely learned some things I’ll be doing differently in the spring. Thankfully I have Grandpa Cecil’s archive of gardening articles in our Garden Library to help me through this. I’ll be posting soon about what I’ve learned this summer, but for now let’s enjoy the fruits of our labor!  Here’s a little photo essay of some the fruits and vegetables that I’ve been harvesting over the past couple of weeks.  I hope you enjoy and please leave us some comments on how your harvest is going!

Sugar Pumpkin from my Organic Garden

Sugar Pumpkins – I still haven’t picked these. I’m going to soon because they are supposed to be good for cooking and baking – Pumpkin Pie here I come!

Purple Japanese Eggplant

Purple Japanese Eggplant – this purple beast is either gonna be battered and fried or go into Eggplant Parmesan…yum.  But what the heck is that brown spot on it?

Garlic from the Garden

Garlic – this will get used quickly in our house.

Peruvian Peppers

Aji Peruvian Peppers – never had these before but they taste like garlic, not too spicy.

Chantney Red Carrot

Chantenay Red Carrots – these are delicious!  But next year I need to add more topsoil, the carrots started to hit clay and I ended having a lot more stumpy carrots instead of big ones like the one above.  Most of mine looked like this:

Little Danver Carrots

Now we’ve come to the tomato portion of our photo essay. One thing I did right was start them indoors with a grow light and not put them outdoors until June.  Next year I will be sure to space them out more (the plants got huge!) and put cages up earlier.  I’ll definitively post more on tomatoes later (I feel like I could write a novel about it) – for now let’s just enjoy the tomatoes we got!

Heirloom Black Krim Tomato

Organic, Heirloom Black Krim Tomato – these ended up being the most delicious tomato of all the varieties I planted, just incredible flavor.

Organic Washington Cherry Tomatoes

Organic Washington Cherry Tomatoes – this plant was so prolific, I was pulling POUNDS of tomatoes off every week.

Organic Roma Tomatos

Organic Roma Tomatoes, these Romas were also very prolific.

Organic Brandywine Tomato

Organic Brandywine Tomato – these tomatoes grew so big and took over the whole raised bed.  Need to manage these better next year.

OK – I think that is enough for today.  Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing some recipes soon so we know what to do with this bounty once we harvested it!

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5 Responses to Garden Harvest Photo Essay

  1. Sara 2012-05-02 at 8:55 AM #

    I was so excited to find your post on your great grandfather, Cecil Solly! I learned to garden thirty years ago from a book your great grandfather wrote. I have looked for information about him before on the web and I could find nothing. I didn’t remember his first name, but I remembered that he gardened on the Puget Sound. I have mentioned him in a blog, “Ode to the Oldtimers” on my web site and garden blog Please check it out. I will check and make sure his first name is correct! I believe tha name of the book I had of his was the Victory Garden. I am looking for a copy of it, as his ideas were so very practical. Thank you for your site

  2. Sara 2012-05-02 at 8:58 AM #

    Here is a link to the article that mentions your great grandfather.

  3. Anthony Spence 2012-06-26 at 4:53 AM #

    All images are so beautiful!


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